Local Manifesto

Westmorland and Lonsdale Green Party Manifesto

We will:

· be a refreshing new voice on South Lakeland District Council.

· work in partnership across the council and with local people, putting community concerns and ideas at the heart of building clean, green, safe, and friendly neighbourhoods.

1 We will be actively involved with the local community, listening to people’s concerns and working with individuals and groups to find workable solutions


· Setting up, or supporting existing, local residents’ groups to help identify and address issues

· Engaging with toddler groups and primary school to listen to parents concerns about things affecting safety and wellbeing of children in the local area

2. We will work to keep your local area clean and green:


· Preserving and enhancing green space and ensuring there are safe and clean places for children to play:

· Supporting local projects to enhance community spaces, considering the wellbeing of both people and wildlife

· Protecting and enhancing allotments and developing community land for local community led projects.

3. We will work for safer roads and better protection against flooding


· Ensure pavements, roads are kept in good order, promoting safe cycling and walking

· Working to find solutions to problem spots on local roads where parking difficulties and safe crossing for children going to school need to be addressed.

· Ensuring local people get the information they need to protect their homes from flooding, and action is taken on any problems that increase the risk of flooding in particular hot spots.

4 We will work to make sure housing and planning decisions are in the best interests of people living in Kendal North, now and for the future


· Fight for new innovative solutions to meeting local housing needs, including affordable housing and better provision for the elderly

· Push for consideration of climate change, for example by promoting high standards for energy efficient homes